Bernie Nolan has Revealed the Devastating Diagnosis about Her Breast Cancer

On October 29, 2012 by admin

She thought it was over but her terrifying battle against breast cancer is started again.

Bernie Nolan Battle Against Breast Cancer

Bernie Nolan, lead singer of sister group The Nolan revealed in a recent interview reveled that ‘her disease has returned and this time it is incurable’. The 52 year-old mother of a daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2010. She went through sessions of therapies and medication and was given an all-clear sign in October 2010.

Bernie Nolan Told Cancer Has Spread to Her Bones,Liver,Lungs & Brain

She returned to work and had a normal life till this summer when Nolan noticed a lump on the same side of the chest where she had her mastectomy in 2010. A biopsy was carried out and she was told that the cancer is back and this time has spread to her bones, liver, lungs and brain.

 Bernie Nolan to Fight the Disease for as Long as She can

The singer said that she knew the cancer is incurable this time but she has vowed to fight the disease for as long as she can. “I’m on medication which is controlling it and people have lived for 12 years on these drugs.”

Bernie Nolan New Treatments Corner With Her Daughter Erin

“Who knows what new treatments are around the corner?” Her main concern is her 13 year old daughter Erin and Bernie wants to be there at least she’ll be 21, which is 8 years from now.

Every 8 Women is a Sufferer of Breast Cancer

We salute the courage that Bernie is showing towards the life threatening disease. From 1 out of every 8 women is a sufferer of breast cancer. While there are women like Bernie Nolan, there are women who are not even aware about the disease or can’t go for mammograms.

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