Build Your Own Sapphire Ring

On July 18, 2013 by admin

A sapphire studded ring is always coveted especially when you make it yourself.

Marquise Sapphire and Round Diamond Twist Ring

Who wouldn’t want a ring with one of the most beautiful and coveted gemstones ever, and if I tell you that now you can make one yourself in a style you’ve always wanted you’d jump at the idea I know. A sapphire studded ring is truly irresistible and if you’re clueless about the process don’t fret for I’m going to tell you how to go about it.

First of all understand what you want and sketch a design accordingly. Decide whether you’d like a solitaire or a cluster of stones, a simple look or an elaborate appeal just sapphires or diamonds also. Once you know this, start looking for the perfect stones. Always source them from an authentic dealer and ask for the certificate of authenticity since these are expensive gems and should be selected wisely.

Do a thorough homework and learn how color, clarity, cut and carat determine the look of sapphires. Pick them in any shape that you favor and you can even experiment with the many colors of these stones.

Round Sapphire Knot Ring

After you’ve bought your stones it’s time to look for a setting to complement them. You can opt for a basic yet elegant setting or an ornate and flashy one depending on your preference. Pick it in a metal you love but also ensure it goes well with your design and stones. White gold, platinum and yellow gold are good options.

Finally it’s time to consult a jeweler who will complete the piece and you’ll have a gorgeous ring with the stunning sapphires the way you always wanted.

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