Emily Maynard’s Four Engagement Rings are Setting New Trends

On February 4, 2014 by admin

Emily Maynard is officially off the market. Moreover, it is not the next season of ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’.

Emily Maynard’s 4 Engagement Rings

The one-time ‘Bachelorette‘ is engaged to beau Tyler Johnson, whom she met through her church, Forest Hill, in Charlotte. She is completely soaked in the brilliance of her new engagement ring or we should say ‘rings’.

That is surprising but she actually received four bands for her engagement with Tyler. According to Emily, she told Tyler that she wanted something non-traditional and that she wanted some simple bands. Johnson went ‘above and beyond to say the least’ and proposed her with four extravagant diamond bands. Not only this, he also bought a band of her daughter Ricki.

Tyler Johnson proposed Emily Maynard with Four Engagement Ring

Emily confirmed the news through a blog on her website and shared her story of how she met Tyler. She also shared a photo of her new ring(s), which shows a larger band set with larger emerald-cut diamonds. The other three of the bands have smaller diamonds probably accentuated with sapphires for a pop of color.

Emily Maynard's Stackable Engagment Ring(s)

This is her fourth engagement and the ring(s) are completely different from those she received earlier.

The rings show Tyler has a fine taste for jewelry and he exactly knows how to overdo the previous engagements.

We have seen stackable rings for wedding but this is probably the first time when they are playing the role of an engagement ring.

stackable rings

We are already seeing many stackable rings at the red carpet and now they have made a brilliant appearance in the proposal section. If you are finding a ring to put on this Valentine’s Day, stackable rings could also be your choice for a unique and versatile proposal. You can put together different design and styles yet keeping them separate. You can include the classic solitaire and the eternity band as well as bring a modern twisted ring and a vintage band all together as Tyler did for Emily.

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