J Lo ‘Most Powerful’ Star: Forbes

On May 21, 2012 by admin

A singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has been named as the world’s most powerful celebrity by the Forbes magazine on Wednesday. These rankings are based on some parameters that take into account the earnings, press coverage and Internet presence of the various celebrities. So, just like her huge colored diamond rings that sparkle gloriously Lopez stands out in this 100-strong list.

Besides J Lo this list has several well known names her American Idol colleague Ryan Seacrest is ranked 29th. Another singer Lady Gaga came in at number five though last year she was at the top of the list. Our own Oprah Winfrey managed to bag the second spot and she was followed by teen heartthrob Justin Bieber at third and singer Rihanna at fourth.

The Forbes have said that the celebrities featuring on this list have shown that they not only have a stage talent but also the business acumen.

Interestingly Bieber who has just reached the age of majority is according to Forbes a serious investor. He has stakes in a dozen companies. According to the report numerous celebrities have used their fame and celebrity status to their advantage. Most of them are either making early-stage investments or launch startups themselves.

The report says that J Lo herself is the best example of this trend as her acting and singing career almost seemed to be dwindling a couple of years ago. We all know that currently she is the judge of American Idol but if rumors are to be believed she is soon going to leave the show.

However, the executive producer of the show Nigel Lythgoe has said that he doesn’t believe that is true. He added that she is the world’s most beautiful judge, somebody who speaks from her heart. Somebody whose integrity he can trust. When asked if he has any replacement for J LO in mind he said it would mean starting all over again with a new judge and getting them up to speed. According to him is not going to be easy as he will need a Judge who can criticize people in a manner that isn’t just chopping their knees from underneath them.

Just like him we all wish that J Lo does not leave the show. Please share your views about J Lo’s decision to leave American Idol.

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