Kate Middleton Pregnant: Palace Confirms

On December 4, 2012 by admin

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant with her first child, confirms the palace.

Kate Middleton Pregnant Palace Confirms

The Duke and Duchess surprised Queen Elizabeth and family with the news that they are expecting an heir to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth with the Kate Middleton Pregnant News

The news came after Kate was admitted to King Edward VII hospital on Monday after getting violently ill.

Kate was Admitted to King Edward VII hospital on Monday

The princess was diagnosed with acute morning sickness and will remain under strict medical supervision for several days.

According to the palace officials, the pregnancy is in its early stages and the entire royal family is extremely delighted with the news.

Kate Middleton is Pregnant News

Although Kate’s pregnancy speculations have always been in news since the royal wedding, it is this time when the rumors got the backbone.

Kate is pregnant with her first child after seventeen months of marriage

Along with the family, the entire nation is excited about the pregnancy confirmation. The new heir to the throne was highly awaited as it’s more than a year and half when William and Kate tied the knot in Westminster Abbey. And as per the royal rule, royal brides are supposed to be pregnant within a year of the marriage. But Kate is an exception to this after getting pregnant with her first child after seventeen months of marriage

Congratulations to Duke & Duchess of Combridge Kate Middleton .

Now that it happened, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and wish that Kate will soon recover from the illness.

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