Kate Winslet is a CBE, and Kenneth Brangah is Honored Knighthood By Queen Elizabeth II

On July 2, 2012 by admin

For her titanic contributions to arts, the ‘Titanic’ actress Kate Winslet has been honored a “Commander of the Order of the British Empire” or CBE by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


The announcement of the honors has declared recently. The honor given to Kate is second in the list. Above the CBE is the Knighthood. Among the receivers of the knighthood are the famous actor and director Kenneth Branagh.

These honors are given twice a year by the queen – once on New Year’s Eve and then again on the Queen’s official birthday in June, which this year was held on 18th June. Recipients are selected by civil servants after once the government and the public send in their nominations.

The honors are usually given to people who have served the community and industry in some extraordinary way, but are not in lime light. But there are also a few famous names. These biannual honors this time have Kate Winslet, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Stilgoe, Gareth Malone, April Ashley, Sarah Burton and Gary Barlow as few famous names.

Kate, who is best known for her historic role in ‘Titanic’ said that the honor made her very proud to be a Brit. “I am both surprised and honored to stand alongside so many men and women who have achieved great things for our country.” ,said the Academy Award actress.

Director and actor Kenneth, who now onwards will be called as Sir Kenneth, said that he felt humble, elated and incredibly lucky for being honored with such a high fete. The director is a respected Shakespearean actor who played the Late Sir Laurence Olivier in ‘My Life with Marilyn’. His directorial numbers includes ‘Henry V’, ‘Hamlet’, Wallander and ‘Thor’ to name a few.

The songwriter and philanthropist Richard Stilgoe, who wrote lyrics for ‘Cats’, ‘Starlight Express’ and ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ has also been awarded a knighthood.

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