Let’s Look at Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring

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This engagement ring has been in speculation for quite some time now and now it is finally here. Though Jennifer Aniston had got engaged to her beau Justin Theroux this summer but in spite of repeated attempts no one could manage to get the picture of the ring! However, now Aniston has finally decided to flaunt her sparkler which looks more like a cocktail ring than a traditional engagement ring.

Jennifer Aniston Had Got Engaged Beau Justin Theroux This Summer

The size is really astounding and many critics have labeled it as too big. According to most of the style experts this eight-carat diamond is ‘gaudy’ and ‘a showpiece’ not a delicate piece to symbolize eternal love. It is really surprising that Aniston who is known for her understated style has opted for this huge engagement ring.

The actress puts this ring up for display for the first time this weekend. She got this huge sparkleron her beau’s birthday in August when Justin Theroux proposed on his 41st birthday. Though we now have the ring but it is still not known who designed the ring but the emerald-cut diamond.

Indeed The Engagement Experts told Mail Online that the reported carat weight is more suitable for a quartz cocktail ring than an engagement ring that can be worn every day.

Round Diamond Flower Ring

One style critic was really candid as he said that Jennifer’s engagement ring is no doubt expensive but with a stone of such enormous size it cannot be termed as sophisticated. In fact in his words it can be something that can be expected from a Real Housewife but it is completely at odds with Jennifer’s clean and elegant look.

Dark Green Yellow Round Diamond

Though it is difficult to guess the price of the ring immediately but it must have cost a huge amount as eight-carat diamond does not cost the same as eight one-carat diamonds higher diamond’s weight makes it that much rarer and that much more expensive. In addition to that an emerald-cut diamond requires superior clarity because the large table in this cut is really unflattering to flaws and inclusions so the stone has to be of a very superior quality.

Justin Theroux Give Engagement Ring For Jennifer Aniston

Many Engagement Experts are of the view that Justin Theroux must have been under immense pressure to choose an extraordinary ring. He must have been trying to get a ring that has the “wow” factor considering Aniston’s history in the spotlight and her previous engagement ring.

Emerald Cut and Baguette Diamond Three Stone Ring

What do you think of this engagement ring is it too loud or it is the perfect thing with the ‘WOW’ factor.

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