Phillip Phillips is the new “American Idol”

On May 25, 2012 by admin

American Idol Season 11 ended after a much of highs and lows. And on Wednesday, the show crowned the winner of its eleventh season.

And the winner was – Phillip Phillips, the 24 years old pawn shop worker from Georgia. He became the fifth male in a row to win the ‘Idol” after defeating fellow contestant Jessica Sanchez.

His victory witnessed a record voting of 132 million votes after Tuesday’s final showdown.

Phillip, who took a moment to react over the news, was embraced by pal Heejun Han immediately after the result was announced. He also received the warm hugs from all the top 12 group and then Ryan, the show host handed the new “Idol” a guitar to sing “Home” which might be his new post-winning single.

While singing, Phillip was overfilled with emotions and his tears helped him in expressing his happiness in a better manner.

Before the announcement, Phillip, in his last ‘Idol’ speech thanked the fans who voted for him, “Thank you all for voting for us. It’s just been crazy”. He also thanked the ‘Idol’ band and crooners like John Fogert, “We wouldn’t have sounded so good without them.”

With the victory Phillip became the fifth male winner of the show.

Congratulations to the young and talented Phillip for winning the ‘American Idol’ title.

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