Russell Simmons Vows Not To Feature Fur on His Website

On July 18, 2012 by admin

Russell Simmons, CEO of Global Grind was named Man of the Year by PETA for a very good reason. He is an ardent yoga lover and is a long time vegetarian. And now Simmons has announced a new resolution.

In a recent statement issued on Saturday, he pledged not to allow fur in any of the fashion editorial pictorials on his website.

Global Grind is a lifestyle website which caters a broad spectrum of fashion and entertainment news readers. The website shows ‘The World According to Hip-Pop’.

Russell in his statement has announced, “For as long as I run the company and hold the title of CEO of Global Grind, I will make sure that we edit out any fur that appears in our fashion editors”. It is certainly a revolutionary announcement in today’s critical environmental conditions. Simmons added, “I see it as one part of doing a small part to do less harm and lift the consciousness on this planet”.

Russell Simmons's Run The Company CEO

In the hazardous environmental conditions, the smallest of efforts might contribute a lot in saving and balancing the nature. Like Simmons, there are many activists who are contributing their best in support of animals.

Kimora Lee & Russell Simmons Contributing In Support Of Animal

And like fur and leather, the concerns have been raised for diamonds and colored gemstone mining. Many mines have been banned all over the world because of poor mining practices. Mining in these restricted areas is unlawful, but still, there are a few that remain open illegally. Luckily however, there are some buyers who don’t buy a product from such mines on principle. That’s how they contribute.

Russell Simmons's Diamond Empowerment Fund

Do you think Simmons action will raise any concern? Will it bring any change in the industry and fashion?

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