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What’s life without some sparkle?’ Says the media giant Oprah Winfrey on the latest cover page of her monthly O magazine. She has photo shot for the four cover pages of the October issue. Reflecting the theme ‘Seeing Life through a New Lens,’ Oprah has very well manifested the different looks of a glamorous woman and accentuated the fact that how a woman can love her flaws and celebrate her own style.

oprah o magazine october 2014

By eyeing her dramatic cover pictures, you could identify how bold and complete a woman becomes when she is embellished with jewels. Oprah looks equally stunning in all her looks bedecked with diamonds and colored gemstones. She has even mentioned that all women adore oodles of colors in their costume and jewelry.

Pear Emerald and Round ring

For the very first cover, Oprah carries a traditional appearance in a yellow caftan and a huge emerald and diamond ring in her finger. Contrasting the lemon color of her dress with the lush of emeralds, she has also put on a jade and white sparkling link bracelet. With Radiant Orchid being the Pantone Color of the Year, the second coverage of the magazine presents her in a ravishing purple look. She has beautifully played with her eyes emblazoning the bright purple eye makeup. Amethyst cocktail rings in two of her fingers and amethyst drop earrings hanging down from her earlobes have further complemented the appearance of her plain red hood dress.

Oprah Amethyst Rings fashion

The color white has been her choice for the third and fourth covers; both in costume and adornments. In one of them, she displays a gallant image in white outfit and a blazing red lip color. While in the latter one, Oprah poses with a whirl of shining white sparklers in a diamond halo and matching handpieces.

All these covers of O magazine are sure to stun you with the superlative fusion of colors and the brilliance of diamonds.

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