Styles to Steal from Oscar 2014

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The Academy Awards are the biggest event of Hollywood. Being the most iconic night in fashion, it perfectly serves the fashion enthusiasts. From dramatic dresses to brilliant jewelry, accessories, makeup and hair styles, here is the best of everything from 2014 Oscars. Each of these styles are here to stay for longer, so you should take inspirations from them for your prom night, next date or any upcoming occasion.

Styles to Steal from Oscar 2014


Play with pastels and muted tones! That was the message in short from the red carpet as most of the a-list stars opted for these colors. It wasn’t limited to the hues but extravagant detailing further uplifted the glamor. Stars were clad in ornate and heavily embellished dresses. Flowing gowns in Grecian styles, dresses inspired by late nineties’ fashion and geometrically structured outfits were prominent at the red carpet.

Different Dressing Styles form Oscar 2014 


The glamor of white was the dominating feature this year. Gold was back and platinum maintained its charm. Diamonds were the key to styling while colored gemstones were a necessary factor to complete the look. The most astonishing styles of the event were statement necklaces, diamond rings and elaborated earrings. A good thing about these trends is that you can try them with what you already have in your collection or can flaunt them by spending a lesser than expected.

Jewelry Styles to steal from oscar 2014


The subtle and soft looks ruled the red carpet. And they are so flawless to that they will be your favorite this spring. We have spotted a crazy amount of nude modern look with blended bronzer cheeks, voluminous black eye-lashes, velvety, matte shadows and subtle glossy beige-pink lips. Short pixie hairstyle to wavy side swept locks in different hues of bronze was the highlighted hairstyles.

Makeup styles from Oscar 2014

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